Connecting The Past To Our Future

Hey, check out the yearbooks!!
We are working on getting 50 yearbooks posted for your enjoyment.
There is no cost to look at the yearbooks.
Many hours of volunteer time have been given to scan yearbooks,
create a web page and do other projects for the Foundation.
We hope when viewing these books you will consider a
donation to the Danville Community School District Foundation.

To see the yearbooks click the picture below.

Join the growing number of alumni and friends who support the future of the Danville School District

Honorary Member
An individual or business may contribute a minimum of $5 to become an honorary member, without voting privileges.

Voting Member
A minimun of $100 will allow you to become a voting member. A donation of $250 will allow a business to become a voting member.

We meet two times a year:
the first Monday in June and
the first Monday in December.

Voting membership awarded at the time the minimum donation totals $100 or $250 if given over a period of time.

Act Now!

Contact or

mail your payment to:
Danville Community School Foundation
419 S. Main St.
Danville, Iowa 52623

or use the Paypal link below to donate
a tax deductible contribution.


Building Blocks of Fund
Designate your building fund donations for specific materials such as classroom equipment (computers, textbooks and more), bleachers, landscaping and other building needs.

Donate in the name of someone you wish to memorialize.

Matching Gift
Contact your HR department to see if your employer will match your gift to the Foudnation.

Deferred Giving
You can choose from a wide array of gifts to give that include:
Life Income Gifts - Life Estate
Bequests - Charitable Lead Trusts
Retirement Funds - Life Insurance

All Contributions are appreciated and may be tax deductible.

The Foundation's Role

We provide opportunities for you to play a significant role in the future of both the educational quality as well as the people who make the Danville Community School District one of the best in Iowa.

The Foundation's Goal

Our goal is to meet ever-increasing economic demands on the school district's academic focus and provide creative financial solutions with the help of community-conscious people like you.


Foundation Board of Directors

Ryan Coppes
Nancy House
Linda Messer
Michael Miltenberger
Sheila Townsend


Established in 1994, the Foundation is chartered as a 501C(3) federal income
tax exempt organization administered by the local Board of Directors.

The Foundation was established to broaden the financial support
for the educational and cultural programs in the district.


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